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Our Kindergarten and Child Care Incursion Program aims at introducing children to bike riding from a very young age. Our sessions are specifically tailored for preschool children and are designed to improve balance skills and strenghten gross and fine motor skills.We can provide a single incursion or multiple incursions for different groups of children.

Our small group classes are designed to:
• Improve the child’s balance
• Facilitate coordination and agility
• Assist in building core strength, flexibility and fine and gross motor skills
• Improve judgement and movement
• Build social skills


We will come to your centre with all our equipment as follows:- Balance bikes and pedal bikes (with and without training wheels);- Australian approved Helmets;- All necessary equipment to design a bike course on site, including jump ramps, table-top ramps, roller ramps, road safety equipment, mini wash station, cones and markers.

Sessions can be conducted in the Carpark or an outdoor sealed area or inside the Centre.

We provide one-off sessions of 45 minutes to introduce the children to the world of bike riding and increase their balance skills and confidence.

We also offer Weekly classes by Term or a Full Year. In these classes, children will learn to ride their bikes independently.

To conduct an incursion, a minimum of 20 children or the equivalent cost of 20 children is required. The incursion includes an instructor and all materials required to perform the activities. The cost is $15.00 per child for a 45 minute incursion. Please note that our incursion is designed to be an educational session instead of purely being a 'show' or 'performance'.

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